Efficient advice

Over the years, Snijders Intelligent Automation has acquired extensive experience with low voltage power systems in the offshore industry. We know all the applicable electrical engineering requirements in the offshore market, so we can advise you efficiently about the development of the low voltage systems you need for your offshore activities.

“For Snijders Intelligent Automation, the highest quality standards in the offshore industry are the norm.”

Experience with complex systems

Our electrical engineers have extensive experience with integrating systems. We ensure that your existing low voltage systems and those to be delivered by Snijders seamlessly fit in with other power operating systems. We also have experience with controlling and manufacturing frequency controlled systems, switchboards and distribution panels. That’s why we are uniquely able to resolve complex low voltage power issues in the offshore industry.



For a drilling platform in Brunei, we developed an operating system. If the main electrical generator fails, the platform now has an automatic back up. Our work included the following:

  • functional description;
  • design of the electrical system and the PLC software;
  • production of the low voltage panels and control of the emergency generator;
  • installation and commissioning on site.

We were also responsible for the complete control of the living quarters on the drilling platform. In that respect, we also delivered the electrical installation with UL certification. Our work included the following:

  • functional description;
  • design of the electrical system;
  • production of the low voltage panels;
  • installation and commissioning on site;
  • UL certification.



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