Optimal solutions

Worldwide, there are already over a thousand ships which are fitted with or supported by the solutions of Snijders Intelligent Automation. Over the years, we have acquired a huge amount of knowledge and experience with electrical engineering and automation solutions. We can thus provide optimal solutions not just for new ships but also for low voltage systems and automation.


Tankers, fishing boats or other ships… we can work on any vessel! We always look for the most suitable solutions and use the latest techniques in the field of remote monitoring and remote access. We can thus deliver an integrated power system, which gives you a reliable picture of the total functioning of your ship. And as we mentioned: our automation solutions also offer options for remote control and access so no matter where you are, we can always provide support for your low voltage power installations or your integrated automation application. We provide this service 24/7 and worldwide.

“Snijders Intelligent Automation – the service partner for all automated processes on your ship”

Electrical specifications

At Snijders Intelligent Automation, we like to start by analysing your power needs. For this purpose, we draw up electrical specifications and give an initial indication of the extent of the system. We discuss this information with your electrical engineers. The aim is always to ensure that the power systems and/or automation solutions seamlessly fit in with all your other systems. Once we agree on the extent of the system, we can embark on the project. A high degree of professionalism is thereby guaranteed, so you can be sure that the low voltage systems and/or automation solutions to be provided will meet all agreed and statutory requirements.


Automation solutions

Our company has already installed a power system on many tankers and provided an automation solution for the entire process of unloading a liquid cargo. Snijders Intelligent Automation has developed special low voltage panels and automation solutions which include:

  • analysis options for preventive maintenance based on PC techniques;
  • visualisation of and warnings for temperature, pressure level and vibration measurements;
  • a system for remote data analysis and service;
  • frequency drive panels for the cargo pumps;
  • PLC operation to control the frequency drives;
  • ATEX I/O stations on deck.



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