Optimal performance

Snijders Intelligent Automation has extensive knowledge of the electronic control and automation of internal logistic systems. Take conveyor belts, baggage handling systems and logistic distribution centres, for example. During the start phase of the design, we are also involved in calculating the processing speed of the internal logistic system. We are constantly seeking an optimal result, also based on the integration of our electrical systems and automation solutions with barcode scanners, print solutions and Vision systems.

Logistic indicators – such as processing speed, downtime and efficiency measurements – are translated into management information systems. In this way, we provide a clear dashboard of the performance of your internal logistic system. Our knowledge of electrical engineering and automation forms the basis for dedicated advice. Together with you, we can thus develop a system that properly reflects your internal logistics. We also contribute to your competitive position regarding the performance of your internal logistics.

Equality & trust

All our low voltage power systems are always designed in consultation with you. The concept of partnership is a key factor for us. And because we are always aware of all the automation options, during the design process we can really help you make the right choices to achieve the best mechanical, electrical and/or combined solution. Once we have developed and produced an operating system, we work closely with you again for the commissioning. Where necessary, we will optimise the system.

Because the relationship between us as supplier and you as client is always based on equality, a true partnership can take shape. The result is a solid and reliable electrical and/or automated low voltage operating system.


Together with a processing company for pot plants, Snijders Intelligent Automation developed a sorting system based on barcode scanning. Our services involved:

  • describing the electrical functional design;
  • engineering and writing industrial software;
  • production of the low voltage operating cabinets;
  • commissioning and cabling on site;
  • integration of the barcode scanning with an ejection system.

For an existing production line in the vegetable processing industry, we also gave advice relating to safety. This partnership resulted in better working conditions and a safer working situation. Our work included the following:

  • advice on improving the current power control of the vegetable processing line;
  • implementation of our recommended electrical system changes in the existing system;
  • assessment of the new electrical operating system and its transfer to the client’s technical department.

“Snijders Intelligent Automation speeds up your internal logistic process.”



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