Extensive knowledge

Our industrial software engineers have extensive knowledge of several programming languages like Siemens S7 and Allen Bradley. The languages of other PLC and PC manufacturers are no problem either. In addition, our programmers can easily program HMI screens.

With all our deliveries, we always look at the total cost of ownership. We always search for the optimal balance between price, performance and technology. In order to achieve this, we work closely with our electrical hardware engineers. Ultimately, based on the functional specifications and requirements, our engineers determine which programming language best suits your electrical system. Furthermore, various data sources can be integrated and an integrated, automated electrical system is developed.

We offer various options for data analysis. That means that we analyse the data which is stored by your system using remote access. We perform data analyses relating to faults, preventive maintenance and process performance, among others.

Extensive analysis

First we perform an extensive analysis of your wishes as a client. Then we advise you on what we feel is the optimal software platform for you. This advice always takes various issues into account, for example: what are your expansion plans for the future? What about the accessibility of the software platform? What are the licensing costs of the software? What are the options for support by third parties?

We also analyse the desired performance. On this basis, we advise you on the minimum hardware required. In this way, we are able to create an automation platform which optimally supports your work processes. Obviously, we constantly ask you for feedback during the development phase. We discuss the progress and display this for you where possible using animation processes. Once the industrial software has been developed and implemented, it is delivered to you, including well documented source files.


“Snijders Intelligent Automation: process automation through the right link between knowledge and technology”


For one of our clients, we audited the mobile x-ray installation. This type of installation has various sub processes. We analysed all these processes. We also tested the electrical and automation platform. On this basis, we were able to create a brand new design, aimed at considerably improving the performance of the platform. The work involved for this x-ray installation included:

  • analysis of the current situation;
  • drawing up a functional description;
  • advising on a new software platform;
  • drawing up the implementation plan.

For various hoists, we developed special software. For these cranes, various safety aspects are important. It is vitally important to constantly test the manual operation. With our software, we ensured that the cranes always operate within certain limit values. Our service included the following:

  • a functional description of the required integrated automation;
  • design and production of the software;
  • implementation and commissioning.




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