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Snijders Intelligent Automation has implemented numerous low voltage and industrial automation solutions for processing companies and end users in the food processing industry and agricultural industry. These solutions often involved optimising the processes and improving efficiency. Together with our original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), we have installed electrical systems worldwide. Our service team is available 24/7 to support these electrical systems and automation solutions based on remote access.

We also have extensive expertise in the field of HACCP certification. On that basis, we also regularly deliver low voltage power systems to the food processing industry. Because our low voltage power systems also have UL certification, we are a reliable partner for food processing and agricultural businesses operating worldwide.

HACCP Expertise

Besides our knowledge of low voltage power systems, we also have extensive expertise regarding HACCP regulations for the food and agricultural industries. Here too, we can provide advice and contribute to the development of your company. This might include cabling or the installation of the casing in which the electrical components are mounted.

To create the right electrical engineering designs, in-depth knowledge of the various requirements imposed on production machines in this industry is absolutely vital. Hygiene is a particular issue requiring attention and expertise. It is obviously important to be able to clean the installed cables and field components properly. Besides the necessary basic skills in electrical engineering, we can also include the appropriate HACCP knowledge in the design phase.



For a leading machine factory which operates worldwide in the poultry processing industry, we have installed intelligent electrical operating systems on many cutting lines. Our work included the following:

  • drawing up the electrical basic design;
  • producing the low voltage systems;
  • cabling and electrical commissioning of the installation;
  • monitoring the efficiency of the line;
  • integration of the weighing systems;
  • integration of the Vision systems;
  • data collection regarding the functioning of the installation.

For a supplier of industrial cleaning installations, we are the house supplier of the electrical operating systems for these installations. Such installations are often exposed to extreme conditions, both in terms of use and maintenance. Our work included:

  • design of the electrical operating systems;
  • production of the operating panels;
  • cabling of the whole installation;
  • development of the interface software for the operation;
  • electrical commissioning of the whole installation.

“Improve the performance of your food processing machines with the operating solutions of Snijders Intelligent Automation.”



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