Advice & design

Snijders Intelligent Automation delivers low voltage power systems which can be installed on board the most advanced and complex dredging ships. We offer low voltage systems and automation solutions for cutter dredgers or trailing suction hopper dredgers, which all meet the highest standards for the dredging industry. We can advise you on options for low voltage and automation systems, but we are also happy to manage the design and delivery. In addition, we can extensively test your existing low voltage systems and upgrade and maintain them where necessary.

Single line

In close consultation with your system engineers, our electrical engineers design a ‘single line’. This shows the entire power control of the users on board. Once you agree with our specifications, we can embark on designing the layout of the electrical panel and the mechanical design. Our primary focus here is on the vibrations which are constantly present on board a dredging ship. We also provide a good low voltage system which integrates the mechanical and electrical design. Obviously, a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is always performed. If desired, we can then commission the systems ourselves on site or during a sea trial.


“Snijders Intelligent Automation delivers solutions for leading
dredgers all over the world.”

International operations

On behalf of a renowned builder of dredging ships, we designed and built the entire low voltage distribution system for an internationally operating dredger. Our work included the following:

  • design of the electrical switchboards and the emergency switchboard, and the control of the frequency drives for various winches on board the dredging ship;
  • build and FAT of the designed low voltage systems;
  • produce the ‘as built’ drawings.



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