Designer & manufacturer

Snijders Intelligent Automation is the designer and manufacturer of intelligent automation solutions. With our specific knowledge of low voltage systems, we are your ideal partner, offering automation solutions for the maritime, offshore and the dredging industries. In addition, we have extensive expertise in industrial automation, focusing on the internal logistics sector and the food processing and agricultural industry.

“Snijders Intelligent Automation succeeds time and time again in flexibly applying its electrical and technological knowhow.”

Working method

Your wishes with regard to automation are always our starting point. We begin by drawing up a technical proposal, including lead time. Once we have your approval, we start designing your automation solution. During this process, we are continuously in dialogue with your system engineers. All our automation solutions and electrical panel construction fulfil global standards for these systems. The same applies to our support for your low voltage power systems: these also meet all the global standards for such services. .


Our well trained employees are used to working on the basis of the highest possible classification norms for low voltage systems, both in industrial and in maritime power systems.

We offer worldwide 24/7 service support. This means we can help you achieve the best possible performance for your industrial and/or maritime application. At the same time, we closely monitor the latest technical developments in the field of remote monitoring, data analysis and new electrical engineering components. We can therefore offer our clients the best electrical engineering and/or automation solutions. All in all, we can thus optimise your entire supply chain: for your company, your employees and your suppliers.

Reliability, involvement and loyalty

We feel responsible for all our stakeholders – an attitude which can be summarised in a single term: ‘respect’. We also focus on teamwork, offering added value and flexibility.

Reliability, involvement and loyalty – these are the key factors in our contacts with our stakeholders. Here too, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We are convinced that this is the only way to efficiently translate knowledge into a product. We view our role as that of a good coach: a continuous overview is vital. From this basis, we offer our stakeholders optimal insight into the automation process.

In short, we want to be your partner in intelligent automation.



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